Adrian Moran
Animator & Illustrator

Privalia - Unicef

Life stories of 4 children from Brasil, Mexico, Italy, and Spain. Every story explains the difficulties that they have to go through to have access to a proper education, the key to their future.


Direction Outro Studio
Illustration Outro Studio
Animation Outro Studio / Christian Villacañas / Adrián Morán
Music & sound design Aimar Molero


Untitled Project_Privalia_Unicef_ESP_2019-02-12_19.55.57.png
Untitled Project_Privalia_Unicef_ESP_2019-02-12_19.55.49.png
Untitled Project_Privalia_Unicef_ESP_2019-02-12_19.55.30.png
Untitled Project_Privalia_Unicef_ESP_2019-02-12_19.55.18.png
Untitled Project_Privalia_Unicef_ESP_2019-02-12_19.56.27.png
Untitled Project_Privalia_Unicef_ESP_2019-02-12_19.56.21.png
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